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1971 Marcos 3 litre V6 from the 1970's

Special request from a family member, featuring ownership of their Marcos during the 1970's. The kit car built fibreglass body, was attached to box frame chassis 3M/5849 and powered by a Ford Zodiac V6 engine. First registered on March 1st 1971, and with leicestershire registeration number of XNR and fittings sourced from various vehicles. Triumph, Vauxhall, MG, Austin, Porsche, Hillman Hunter etc. 

turnpike motel wetherby 1976

Turnpike Motel Wetherby February 1976

From information supplied, here we have a couple of randomly selected photos, and most probably from well over 40 years ago, venue shown left was at the Turnpike Motel in Wetherby, just off the A1 on a really cold february morning. This meeting was mostly captured on cine film, and including several photo's. 

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marcos club meeting skipton 1976

Cross Keys Inn Skipton May 1976

This is from 1976, and the location is at the Cross Keys in Skipton, regarded as the 'heatwave' of 76. This meeting from may of that year, was far from it, cold wet and a strong wind. 

Marcos cars were always admired in the early years, from well known names to those who for a period of time actually owned one. Below are a just a few of them taken from a list of which has been compiled over the years, and also supplied for this featured page.

Rod Stewart (Singer) before upgrading to Lamborghinis. Paul Stassino (Actor) Alan Ball (Chelsea FC) Mick Robertson (Magpie TV Presenter) John Noakes (Blue Peter) Andy Fairweather Low lead singer of Amen Corner had one commisioned in Pink. Simon Park (of 'eye level' fame, the Van der Valk TV Series theme tune of 1972). 


Scott Engel and John Maus of The Walker Brothers fame both owned one each in red and blue, An old edition of..Record Mirror in our collection from February 1966 shows them looking out of the sunroof while kneeling on the transmission tunnel in each of their cars. A few others not necessarily owners but possibly used the vehicles for films, racing, even photo shoots etc, were Jackie Stewart, John Lennon, Cliff Richard and also including the Beatles. 

1971 Marcos 3litre V6

Washed and polished ready for the next venue

1971 Marcos 3litre V6 in chrome yellow, washed and polished ready for a early morning drive in convoy with other marcos owners, down the M1 to the International Marcos Rally held then at Castle Donington, later venues would also have included Weston Park.

Roger Moore (Saint TV Series) As a racing driver, drove a white Marcos in an early February 1969 episode of 'The World Beater' this along with many more in an extensive list of well known owners and admirers, of this classic car from years gone by. Shown below, fuel stop along the A5 after leaving the June 1989 Weston Park Marcos Rally .

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