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Replacing radio/cassettte player as fitted to the 200 with CD/Radio, is a straight foreward plug and play option, replacement was a Kenwood KDC 3031A including a wiring kit, Autoleads PC99-X04 multi stalk adaptor and PC99-KEN patch lead. Although taking note that some HU's wont accept the use of audio remotes unless specified for the particular model being fitted, this will be evident at the rear of the unit.

Audio steering wheel remotes, added to the 2004 ZR


On this particular model, the acceptance of fitting steering wheel audio remote controls is shown, and can be seen with the blue wire already attached on the back of the unit.

An option at a later time to transfer into the MG was certainly not going to be as straight foreward, audio remote controls are not fitted as standard. So an audio remote control was sourced prior to this install. To commence this fitting the 12volt battery was disconnected for safety reasons before removing steering wheel air bag, working from rear of the steering wheel the 2 T30 torx bolts were removed then air bag  withdrawn and removed from the vehicle, after disconnecting the blue and yellow SRS connector. 

To install the steering wheel fitted audio remote control, careful and precise cutting soon had it looking as good as a factory fit, a rush job here with any cutting mistakes, was going to make the vehicles interior look very shabby. With this done the 2 black remote control wires were then pinned into horn connector to left of the red horn wire, with air bag now placed back and secured. The blue and yellow connector, does need to be seated correctly with a good positive click, otherwise the dashboard located SRS light was going to be constantly flashing, 

Access to rotary coupler was then required, lowering of the steering column, and removal of each column cover gave easy access, The lower column cover is secured with 3 cross head screws, top cover will just prise off, the elusive pink and white remote wires were now visible. These two wires leave rear of the rotary coupler and go into the wiring loom, just prior to this, is where I spliced in my own, pink and white wires..

The wiring from out of the loom just could not be found. so then routed my own wiring to rear of stereo and into a connecting block, then attached into this, the pink and white wires from the multi stalk adaptor lead. Now at the stage of testing before installing the Kenwood KDC 3031A into the MG, Im using the specified, PC99-X39 multi stalk adaptor wiring kit, during testing the remotes would not function correctly, so tried another fitting the New Rover Freelander MSA that made no difference at all, Also unsure if even the correct fitting kit was supplied. 

As a last resort tried and tested my old original PC99-X04 multi stalk adaptor specified for the Rover 200/400/800 which I had as a spare, this has worked perfectly, since being fitted a number of years ago. It would have seemed fair to have had this option already added to the more superior MG, audio remotes are more convenient, and a good safety feature during driving. 

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