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Listed here are a small and random selection from my original 2004 spanners, and sockets, applications guide for the 200 / ZR Included also are a few sample parts and numbers, for an easy reference guide. Although available at the time, some parts numbers may now be obsolete..

Parts Guide and Tool Sizes Rover 200/25/ZR

Alternator 8..10..13..15mm. Air temp sensor 19mm. Armrest 7..8..10mm. Air bag T.30. Bonnet catch 10mm. Battery clamp 13mm. Brake caliper 12mm. Coolant temp sensor 19mm. Coolant elbow 8mm. Coolant Tank 8mm. Coolant bleed screw 8mm. Cylinder head cover 8mm. Cylinder head bolts 12 torx. Cam sprockets 17mm. Camshaft carrier 8mm. Crankshaft bolt 22mm. Cambelt cover 8..10mm. Cambelt tensioner 8mm. Engine mount 15..18mm. Exhaust manifold 17mm.

Front bumper 10mm. Fuel filter 8..14..19mm. Fuel inlet union 8mm. Gearbox drain / fill 17mm. Glovebox 8mm. Inlet manifold 13mm. I.A.C.V T.20..T.30..10mm. Lambda sensor 22mm. Light lens (rear) 8mm. Rotor arm 8mm. Seats (rear) 10mm. Seat frame Star 50. Sump plug 19mm

Sump bolts 10mm. Sparkplugs 16mm. Starter motor 13mm. Sunroof glass panel T.25. Wheel nuts 19mm. Wiper arms 13mm.

Alternator Belt QH-QBR5737. Alternator Bosch 85 YLE-102430. Air Filter Champion U631. Fram CA5358. Air Temp Sensor NNK-10001. Brake Pads HBP 345. Brake Cylinder SJC-100300. Camshaft Oil Seal Front LUC100290. Camshaft Oil Seal Rear LUC-100220. Cam Cover Gasket LDR 102000

Catalytic Converter WAG 103370. Cylinder Head Gasket LVB-0000320. Coil Packs Denso 100730. Coolant Tank RPCF000160. Coolant Sensor RPCJ000040. Cap PCD100160. Crank Sprocket LHH 100490.

Crankshaft Sensor ADU 7340. Distributor Cap HDC504. Door Switches YUE-100570. Fuel Filter HFF-236. Fuel Rail O Ring BAU-5325. Fuel VaporTrap NPC 10001. Fuel Pressure Regulator. NNK-10001. HT Leads Bosch B731. Leoni 2015 ZR. Heater Control Valve JJB100240. Heater Risistor Pack JGM 10002. Heater Matrix Valve PCH003300. Inlet Manifold Gasket. LKJ 101110. Idle Air Control Valve MLZ 100090.

Lambda Sensor MHK-10006. Oil Filters Champion B-104. HOF-213.

P.A.S Belts Unipart GMB 30755. Bosch 7880. Rotor Arm HRA529. Radiator Nissens 64209. Top Radiator Hose PCH 115731. Sparkplugs Champion RC9YCC. NGK BKR6E 6962. Sump Gasket LVF 100290. Sump Bolt Washer CL UAM2857. Starter Motor Hella CS610-1. Throttle Position Sensor MHB 10144. Tailgate Wiring Loom YMN-101940. Thermostat Seal CDU3858. Water Pump HWP 632. Washer Pumps Valeo 140796. Wiper Motor Rear Valeo 530 08-002. Wiper Motor Front DLB-101380.

Rover 200/MG-ZR Technical and Information Pages (c) 2004-2018.

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