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Remote activated camera's, applied to the 2004 ZR

Using a dashboard mounted video camera over a number of years, with the small Flip Mino, for the occassional and interesting motoring journals, decided on a permanently installed dashcam, Using one of the cheapest around, the DVR 207 for testing puposes, video quality was surprisingly better than expected, and performed reasonably well over a 12 month testing period. The only exception was for the annoying buzzing sound coming from the unit, this was due to earlier models not having a membrane inserted behind the menu buttons, an easy fix.  
mgzr front dashcam

Location of the DVR 207 dashcam in the MG

Opposed to using the supplied windscreen camera mount, an alloy support bracket was created for the DVR 207 shown located above right of rear view mirror, with power cable concealed.

 In 2014 an upgrade to the camera system for the MG with front and rear fitted Mobius cameras had now been fully installed, videos are not currently available from this page. The cameras are much smaller than the 207, about the size of a 'tic tac' box, although with no screen to assist with the camera's set up of the 'road view' this is done through trial and error. Having no screen makes the unit more compact, discreet and a secure option. Shown above the old DVR 207 just prior to being replaced with the Mobius wide angle dashcam.

Configuration of the parameters, is achieved with using the mobius specific set-up programme. To power up the cameras, a dashboard located button switch will activate each of the cameras simultaneuosly, power is supplied using dual USB cables. Also includes the option to be left active in parking mode, the 16gb micro sd cards I have installed in the cameras, are sufficient to review any incidents which may occur on a dailly basis, or to just capture any scenic runs. the mobius wide angle lens along with stunning picture quality creates perfect video's for these events.

North Yorkshire Tour 2014

Thirsk, Helmsley, Rievaulx Abbey, Castle Howard, and York
helmsley touring
Leaving Helmsley along the A170-B1257 and on towards Castle Howard. This dashcam safety feature, was also supplemented by doing away with the useless single horn of the MG, and then adding a much more responsive twin horn installation much like, and if not even better than the positive sounding ones which were originally fitted as standard equipment to the old Rover 200 Series.

Twin Horn Installation

Replacing the single horn on the 2004 MG-ZR

Quick access to the horns, is to have the steering on full lock, and pull back the wheel arch liner, but working in a tight space to do a proper job is always going to be difficult, Taking into account, that the front bumper is not generally removed on a regular basis, so some foreward planning of what other basic maintenance could also be include along with fitting of the new horns was under consideration.

These were to include removal, and a clean out of the wind screen washer tank, bonnet locking mechanism being cleaned and greased, and giving a good access to soft brush the radiator fins. So the front bumper was removed for these above projects.

Bumper to wing are 4 x10mm bolts, 2 at each side, accessed by pulling back the wheel arch liners, for this it will require having the steering on full alternate lock, these 4 bolts are not the easiest to remove, and will be corroded with the possibilty of having to replace them.

mgzr twin horns

Shown with replacement alloy bracket

Along the bottom edge 3 x 10mm bolts in the middle with 6 cross head screws, 3 located at each corner, the leading edge are 5 x 10mm bolts. Fitting the horns was a straight foreward swop. The horn bracket being very corroded from where its been located over the years, so this was replaced with an alloy one supplied in the fitting kit. 

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