Oil sump removal on the 1996 Rover 200 Series

During one of my services, removed and cleaned out the oil sump, lowering of exhaust manifold was required making it easier and more accessible, The exhaust system did not need splitting any time during this whole procedure, just requiring exhaust manifold detached then lowered down to rest on alternator bracket, giving clearance from the exhaust system to easilly withdraw sump from underneath the car.

Oil sump removal on the 1996 Rover 200 Series

Sump pan after several years of usage

With sump removed years of tarnished oil is evident in the photo shown, using a scraper, some wire wool, turps and old rags, sump was cleaned and dried out, before fitting the new gasket, doing regular oil changes, may keep engine oilways clear and clean,

To first commence, engine oil was drained off and front of vehicle jacked up, offside road wheel was then removed. Working in sequence, each of the 10mm sump bolts were removed, a total of 14 then sump pan withdrawn from under the car via the removed offside road wheel, the 200 steel sump on assembly, needs a LVF-100290 gasket. The alloy ZR sump does not have a gasket, but requires a bead of sealant    

Oil sump removal on the 1996 Rover 200 Series

Finally cleaned out and with new gasket fitted

Sump now cleaned, and with new gasket, ready to go back onto the 200, then filled with new oil and with new oil filter fitted, prior to a run out, with clean and fresh oil now being supplied to the engine.

Access to 3 of the sump bolts did require that the flywheel cover plate is removed to get to them, tools that were used for this project were 19mm for sump drainage bolt 10mm for the 14 sump bolts, and 8mm for the 3 cover plate bolts, for reference the 200 oil sump drain bolt is 19mm, the drain bolt for ZR is smaller at 15mm this old project was completed during 2005.

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