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Replacing the vehicles fuel filter on the 2004 ZR

Overlooked, and not changed for several years, in some cases totally ignored, old and dirty fuel filters will seriously affect performance, including really poor idling issues, safety concerning the fuel system, so this was carried out on a cold engine as a precaution. The charcoal canister may restrict access to removal of the fuel filter, so its much easier if this is first removed, and placed out of the way.

removing the fuel filter

Removing the fuel filter from 2004 MG-ZR

To release the fuel filter unions a 14mm and 19mm open ended spanners were used in conjunction, and then an 8mm spanner to release the fuel filter from the holding clamp. 

With the old filter now removed, new filter is placed in the clamp with fuel directional flow (arrow) pointing upwards, this is marked on side of the new fuel filter. Always found it good practice first securing both the top and bottom fuel pipe unions, this should centralise the fuel filter within the clamp, its all too easy to cross thread the filters brass fittings which can be a cause of subsequent fuel leakages, and being a fire hazard. 

location of fuel filter

Vehicles bulkhead location of the fuel filter

Makes for a much easier working area with the charcoal canister out of the way, and shown here with the holding clamp ready to accept the new fuel filter.

To safeguard the above, usually doing up the fuel clamp holder's 8mm bolt the very last. prior to testing. the Halfords HFF-236 fuel filter that was used for this service, The new filter will need several seconds for it to prime on the very first start up of the engine, then its just a final check on the fuel pipe unions for any leaks.

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