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Replacing Inlet Manifold Gasket 2004 MG-ZR

Always found the better option when replacing the inlet manifold gasket is not just detached from cylinder head while new gasket is fitted, but with it removed from the vehicle, its not that much more time consuming, makes it easier to work on, and giving a better access for cleaning the  mating surfaces of the unit which requires being perfectly clean, included also during this process, a good visual check on coolant hoses at rear of the engine, And with the throttle body also removed, took the opportunity of giving the internals, including the butterfly flap a good clean  

With the bottom radiator hose detached, coolant can then be drained off, at this stage there are several vacuum hoses and various connectors to consider during the manifold removal process, the most obvious one being the brake servo vacuum hose, others not necessarily in order are the fuel feed and fuel return hoses etc. The fuel return rail is attached to underside of manifold with 2 x 8mm bolts, which may require fitting a couple of new BAU-5325 fuel O rings on assembly.  

The 4 x 8mm throttle body bolts were then removed, easier and less of a disturbance with accelerator cable still attached, safer and not actually going anywhere. On assembly it may need a new throttle body O ring MKG 100250, with care and attention, this will not always be required, each coilpack connectors are now disconnected, this part of the wiring can be withdrawn along with the removal process of the inlet manifold. After the multi-connector, which is directly under throttle body, and with its sliding locking tab in the 'open position' is detached.


manifold gasket LKJ 101110

Retaining the throttle body during this project

During removal of the inlet manifold, the underside nuts would normally be difficult to get at, with throttle body removed it was made that much easier givng a better reach in access, especially to each of the lower 13mm nuts, 3 on the top and 4 on the bottom, are slackened off in sequence, the inlet manifold was then removed from engine.

Prior to fitting the new manifold gasket LKJ 101110 which does not require any sealant, the unit was cleaned internally which wasnt too bad, some can be oily and gunged up, not a good combination for an internal space for the mixing of a combined flow of fuel and air.

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