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Coolant loss, monitoring system 200/25/ZR

Having installed a coolant low level warning sensor into the old 200 several years ago, and then transferred into the MG during 2010, its been trouble free and very reliable, a really good safety feature, the sensor will activate an instant warning alert. as soon as the coolant tank level for any reason starts to drop from more than below the coolants minimum safety mark.

coolant tank with sensor fitted

Replacement RPCF-000160 coolant tank

To install this feature the cooling system did not need to be drained off, just a sufficient amount syphoned out while the tanks are swopped over. A coolant loss alert was then needed to be added, these options could either be a warning light or piezo buzzer. 

coolant tank sensor RPCJ000040

Coolant reed sensor RPCJ-000040 and modules 

Each of the modules are a simple fit, so fitted both. the piezo buzzer was placed well inside dashboard its loud enough to hear, and with the warning light located in the spare bulb holder, which is located very conveniently directly under the vehicles temperature gauge. 

This being an option on export models as a warning light for catalytic converter overheating, a simple and basic test when completed, is to remove the coolant cap, switch the ignition on and gradually push down the coolant tanks internal magnet. This will activate each of the two warning modules, which were chosen to be installed during this project.

Displacement of coolant will occur more frequently if when driving off road, so will momentarily activate the coolant levels warning sensors with single notifications. Taking note that 'continuous'  warnings from each of the sensors, may well be an early stage of a possible coolant loss.

In an event, a reasonable amount of coolant would still be in circulation, allowing time to park up and investigate. Not relied upon as a fit and forget. visual checks on coolant level, and the coolant hoses, are still carried out in summer and winter, along with other routine vehicle checks and servicing.

Attempting to drill a hole in the original tank to accept the sensor, as already asked, is not really a good idea on a pressurised vessel such as the coolant tank, the parts needed for this project, were a replacement coolant tank RPCF000160, and a coolant reed sensor RPCJ000040 as shown above, Under side of the coolant tank can also be seen, showing the two small reed sensor wiring connectors, which are fed into the cabin. 

The only problem we encountered, was gaining access to the 2 sensor wires, which after being pushed through the bulkhead and into the cabin, were now tucked in, and up behind the passenger parcel shelf. So with the family's pet cat placed in the footwell, and a wiggle of the wires, she soon had them pulled through, and so enabling us to complete this worthwhile project. To eliminate false calls of the sensors during off road driving, we have the coolant set at a maximum plus fill level.  

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