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Information page concentrates specifically on the MG ZR cabin located fuse box, of which circuit each fuse, and relays serves and protects, contents can vary between different models and years, and should only be regarded as a reference, and not to be totally relied upon.

Cabin located fuse panel of the 2004 MG-ZR


Left Column: 9 headlamp washers 20amp. 8 electric sunroof 30amp. 7 electric window RH front 20amp. 6 electric window LH front 20amp. 5 interior / boot light, audio unit, clock 10amp. 4 electric window LH rear 20amp. 3 cig lighter / power socket 10amp. 2 electric window RH rear 20amp. 1 horn, rear fog lights 20amp.

Centre Column: 18 seat heaters 20amp. 17 blower motor 20amp. 16 headlight LH dipped beam 10amp. 15 RH side and tail lights RH headlight levelling number plate light 10amp. 14 headlight RH dipped beam 10amp. 13 LH side and tail lights LH headlight levelling, glovebox, clock, interior lights 10amp. 12 headlight LH main beam 10amp. 11 DRL, interior lights (expo) 10amp. 10 headlight RH main beam 10amp.

Right Column: 27 SRS airbag 5amp. 26 rear screen wiper, heated washer jets, A/C illumination, seat heaters, DRL 15amp. 25 SCU, clock, instrument pack, engine management 10amp. 24 brake lights, reversing lights 10amp. 23 ABS system 10amp. 22 door mirrors 10amp. 21 front screen wipers 15amp. 20 engine start 10amp. 19 CD / Radio 10amp. Additional fuses shown in a smaller box, and are located left of main fuse panel are spares, that should also include a fuse puller, as shown below, this applies also to the engine fuse box, unless its gone missing.


Cabin located fuse panel of the 2004 MG-ZR


Relay 1 Window Lift Front. Relay 2 Window Lift Rear. Relay 3 Rear Wiper. Relay 4 Seat Heat. Relay 5 Window Lift Isolate. Relay 6 Alarm Sounder Relay 7 Sunroof. Relay 8 DLR

The full range of coloured fuses are: 1amp black 2amp grey 3amp violet 4amp pink 5amp beige 7.5amp brown 10amp red 15amp blue 20amp yellow 25amp clear 30amp green 40amp amber. Fuses in the main panel listed above, are shown in an ascending order, usually colour coded, and range from 5amp to 30amp.

The fuse panel will only accept the narrow pointed mini blade fuses shown here. The blue flat blade type shown as an example wont fit, also not all of the colour coded fuses are applied to the 200/ZR cabin fuse panel, the above list are for reference only.

What is the cable and connector shown across front of the fuse panel, which Ive been asked. This formed part of a project I was still working on a couple of winters ago, The fitting of driver and front passenger heated seats, which have since been completed. Never really considered this application to the old 200 fabric seats, but for the MG, and with a warm up time of only several seconds, its been a good choice on cold days.

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