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Engine bay located fuse box of the 2004 MG-ZR

Information page concentrates specifically on the MG ZR engine bay fuse box, of which circuit each fuse, fusible links, and relays serves and protects, fusebox contents can vary between different models and years, so regarded only as a reference, and not totally relied upon.

MG ZR engine bay fuse box

Fuse box listing 10 amp to 25 amp

F1 Engine management system, automatic transmission selector, speedo 10amp (red)
F2 Engine management system, fuel pump 20amp (yellow)
F3 Engine management glowplug relay 10amp (red)
F4 Aircon relay, cooling fan relay 10amp (red)

F5 Anti theft alarm, and CDL 25amp (clear) F6 Front fog lamps 15amp (blue) F7 Hazard lights, indicators (15amp (blue) F8 Engine management 15amp (blue) F9 Air conditioning 10amp (red) F10 Fuel pump 20amp (yellow).

FL 1 Alternator 150 mega amp. FL 2 Aux ignition 40 amp. FL 3 Ignition 40 amp. FL 4 Cabin fusebox 40 amp. FL 5 Not required. FL 6 Glow plug 80 amp. Mega fusible links are the metal type, the highest rated one is 150 mega amp for the alternator.

fuse box contents

2004 MG-ZR Fuse box contents

The fuse box contents as shown here will most probably vary due to production year and model, and so may contain more or less items than what is actually featured on this information page.

Midi Fusible Links: FL 7 Starter 40 amp (green) FL 8 Cooling 20 amp (blue) FL 9 Lights 40 amp (green) FL 10 Blower 30 amp (pink) FL 11 Cooling 30 amp (pink) FL 12 ABS 40 amp (green). Relay 1 Fuel Pump. Relay 2 Starter Motor.Relay 3 Cooling Fan. Relay 4 Main Relay. Relay 5 Blower Motor. Relay 6 Front Fog Lights. Relay 7 A/C Compressor.   

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