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Security fitted navigation system Rover 200 Series

This unique security fitted sat nav project originally created for the 200 back in 2008, and now installed into the MG is designed to be concealed within the vehicles centre air vent, out of sight, and activated from a dashboard located one touch power button. Garmin nuvi 200 was used for this project after being mounted onto a self designed multi-directional alloy support bracket, that is attached to a piano hinged base panel. 

Air vent fitted navigation unit, concealed when not in use.

The secure location of this fitting, does not need to be removed at any time, a soft backed screen cover that mimics the left air vent as shown, is applied when not in use or during any short term stops, a safe and more secure option than if attached to the windscreen.

Security screen cover removed, and now ready to navigate.

Other advantages are with having the screen shaded away from low winter sun driving conditions. The modified fitting of the original centre air vent front panel is removable as previously, allowing for memory card removal, also gaining access to rear of the centre console switches, by way of the internal designed hinged base panel. 

View from drivers position, with easy access to all applications.

As the modified air vent frontage is inserted back into the vent opening, the left air vent goes directly into the vehicles heating system duct to continue providing hot air, while modified right vent enclosure, at the same time, fits up against the screen surround.

Drivers view was achieved with using precise adjustments being made for getting a correct angle, taken from my normal driving position, for full screen viewing and easy touch satnav screen operation. When not in use, the unit remains un-detectable from inside of the vehicle, and more importantly from the outside. Although limited to the Garmin 200 screen size, this application is a direct fit for the 200/25 and ZR. 


All associated cables and wiring are concealed within the dashboard, and of course no signs of cradle suction marks being evident on any part of the windscreen, a good safety feature, and kept away from prying eyes. Created for the Rover 200. Project design and installation (c) 2008. 

Previous navigation install from 2005

Previously installed into the 1996 Rover 200 Series from 2005 to 2008 was the Garmin i3 Street Pilot

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