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HT Ignition leads fitting sequence 1996 Rover 200

Removing ignition leads from distributor cap, or from sparkplugs on the Rover 200 without first making a note of the correct fitting sequence is an easy mistake to do, the ignition leads on the distributor cap requires that number 1 plug lead being inserted into the uppermost connection, with the others require being placed in an anticlockwise direction of 3-4-2 for a correct firing order of the K16 engine.

Looking directly at the distributor cap, when viewed while standing over at the passenger side wing, number 1 lead inserted at the top, number 3 goes to the left, number 4 goes to the bottom, and number 2 to the right. Its always worth while making notes or diagram of the fitting sequence for reference, before removing the ignition leads.

Cylinder firing order of the K16 engine is 1-3-4-2 number one cylinder is at the cambelt end, and viewed left to right looking at engine while standing directly at the front of the vehicle. Parts previously used in the 200. Champion RC9YCC Sparkplugs. Bosch 731 HT Ignition Leads. HDC 504 Distributor Cap, and HRA 529 Rotor Arm.  

HT Ignition Leads fitting sequence 2004 MG-ZR

mgzr ignition leads

HT Ignition leads fitting sequence 2004 MG-ZR

The ignition leads set up in the 2004 MG as shown here is much more straight foreward, no rotor arm or distributor cap to be concerned with.

NGK BKR6E 6962 Sparkplugs

Parts now applied to the 2004 MG-ZR

The set up in the MG just comprises of 2 high tension leads attached to 2 coil packs, each secured with 2 x 8mm bolts. Parts now are, NGK BKR6E 6962 Sparkplugs. Leoni 2015 HT Ignition Leads, and Denso 100730 Coil Packs.

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