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Cylinder head torque settings 200/25/ZR

The surfaces of engine block and cylinder head were each meticulously cleaned, before the new gasket is fitted, each of the 10 cylinder head bolts were then inserted back into their respective holes. The head bolts require a size 12 torx bit, prior to inserting the head bolts, a light dab of engine oil was applied to the cleaned bolt threads.and under each head bolt collar before being tightened in the correct sequence as shown.

Cylinder head torque settings 200/25/ZR

Cylinder head bolt tightening sequence

Stage (1) 20Nm or 15 lbf ft Stage (2) angle tighten through 180 degrees. Stage (3) angle tighten finally through another 180 degrees. Cylinder head gasket used at this time was LVB-0000320.

Cylinder head torque settings 200/25/ZR

Camshaft bearing carrier tightening sequence

Camshaft's bearing carrier's 26 x 10mm bolts, were then torqued to the shown specific order of 1 to 26 to just 10Nm or 7lb ft. The engine top cover was then fitted back with all of the 15 x 8mm bolts, torqued in sequence to just 9Nm or 6lb ft, and with silicon sealant applied.

cylinder head torque settings 200/25/ZR

Engine's top cover and tightening sequence

Prior to fitting the cam or engine top cover shown here, this required a new cam cover gasket fitted, this goes on dry with no sealant added, but needs to be fitted the correct way round its already marked up for this, cam cover gasket LDR-102000 that was used for this project.

At this stage, and with a good lubrication of engine oil to each of the cam bearing surfaces before assembly, which is always regarded as good practice prior to the engines initial first start up. We now have the new oil filter primed with fresh oil before fitting back onto the engine, the oil filters gasket would also benefit from having a smear of oil applied, so it does not 'scrunch up' when being screwed back on hand tight.

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